Shilajit - 100% Pure Siberian Altai Mountains Eco-Shilajit Mumiyo Resin, Мумиё, Алтайское Сибирское
Pure Altai Mumijo Resin 50grams (1.75 oz) 200 servings. Mumio, Shilajit, Moomiyo Potent, Lab Tested Brand new in package unopened/sealed Our Eco-Shilajit is genuine 100% shilajit mineral pitch resin derived from mumie rocks developed under the ideal conditions and is harvested in the ecologically clean regions of the Siberian Altai Mountains. After that, the mineral pitch substance is processed and purified with modern equipment to 100% purity while preserving all the useful properties, making it suitable for a dietary consumption, as well as topical/cosmetic use. Directions for use: As a dietary supplement, dilute a pea-size amount (250 mg (1/4 g)) of our Eco-Shilajit with a cup of tea or milk and consume 1-2 times daily. As a beauty skin treatment, dilute Eco-Shilajit in distilled water (up to 10% dilution), then apply the solution directly to skin, or mix with your favorite moisturizer, skin masque or skin treatment.

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